Since many years, Specto Technologies Inc. has started developping web applications for the industrial field. After that, many different applications has been developped using same technologies in the goal to keep flexibility.

  • Multilingual management
  • Shopping cart with PayPal and AlertPay
  • Transport calculations with Canada Post
  • Users management with access
  • Automatic generation of PDF documents, spreadsheets, CSV, etc.
  • Forms with complex validation
  • Graphics with SVG technology


Technologies used

We use mainly open source technologies in order to concentrate the costs in the development of reusable tools rather than in expensive licenses. They generally provide better portability regardless of operating system and development environment. Here is an overview of the used technologies or technologies used.


These languages are very useful and versatile as they allow the development of desktop applications, embedded and web. The interesting advantages are simplicity of use of communications network and portability. When multiple applications in different environments need to communicate together, the JAVA remains a useful tool and allows a rapid and reliable development.


PHP is one of the most popular technologies in web development. In its advantages, we find performance and also the community which is very large. This last point is very convenient to find solutions to problems quickly.


Database very popular and famous, backed by a wide range of operating systems and programming languages.

Apache Tomcat

When hosting technologies JSP / JSF, Tomcat is a reference in the domain.


Tool for easy storage and retrieval of JAVA objects domain via the mapping object / Relational.s


Library of JSF visual objects simplifying the implementation of web applications. It includes complex tables, calendars and lots of AJAX features added to standard HTML objects.


Free development interface to create projects on different programming technologies.


Free development interface to create projects on different programming technologies.